From Gouna to Dahab, to Aswan and the North Coast – Coca-Cola’s New Campaign gives Consumers the Chance to “Taste the Destination”

As we have already started seeing all over Cairo, on both bottles and billboards, the iconic logo on bottles of Coca-Cola have been replaced by the names of a variety of popular local destinations. Coca-Cola continues to hold one of the most unique and well-known logos in the world, and this isn’t the first time it has decided to share its red label with something other than its name. Egyptian consumers purchasing a destination-themed Coke now have the chance to win an unforgettable vacation from up to 16 different destinations including Alexandria, El Gouna, Fayoum, Luxor and Aswan. Since there is no place like home and in recognition of our own great local tourism, Coca-Cola are making sure to shine light on touristic areas within the country through a fun “collect and win” approach. To win, all you need to do is collect the letters of your preferred destination in addition to a winning crown. In the first 10 days from the launch, a lot of people won different trips to the 16 destinations, expecting to reach thousands of winners in this campaign. The Egyptian sense of belonging and love for their country has decreased within society and the idea of being patriotic has almost disappeared. People are angry and bitter, negativity floods media outlets and an overall sense of separation is constantly coming between the once warm and intimate people of Egypt. Currently speaking, one of our nation’s biggest and most demanding challenges is bringing back Egypt’s sense of nationalism and love of our country. For this reason, Coca-Cola is working hard to remind people of the beauty of their country and giving them the chance to explore it. In addition to winning a trip of a lifetime, consumers will also be eligible to win every day prizes such as free bottles and cans of Coca-Cola. The daily prizes can be found by anyone, by looking under the ring tabs, crowns or bottles caps.