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Dear Guest (DG) Company

Dear Guest (DG) Company successfully released its Business & Life Style Egyptian magazine in 2002 which have clearly & rapidly found its way to be one of Egypt ’s best English magazines in the market. In addition of the normal coverage and articles that all other magazines in the market present, DG magazine focuses on all customer service related issues through its main chapters such as, Mystery shopping chapter, Enrich your Knowledge and all marketing & customer services articles.

DG also interview executives through our executive of the month chapter, lady of the month chapter, even further by focusing on either an industry or an organization in terms of customer satisfaction.

DG distribution venues include, major hotels, bookshops and newsstands, supermarkets, airports, tourism centers, embassies, cultural centers, advertisers, numerous Egyptian and international business people, VIPs and the top decision makers within the national and multinational industries in addition to the AHRAM Newspaper as they are our distribution agent.

Through the magazine we gained the respect & trusts of over 100 new clients in the business of advertisement within the past three years.

In May 2007 we released the DG Panache (teens magazine), while in June 2007 the DG.OOOGLE tourist guide was our third publication


DG Magazine is published every two month addressing all categories starting from teens, ladies, hoteliers, travelers, and business men through its main chapters such as:


–          Covering weddings, social & corporate events.

–          Box office reviews for those people interesting in cinema & movies.

–          DG Fashion chapter.

–          DG cuisine.

–          DG features which cover different types of life style articles.

–          DG beauty for ladies.

–          Celebrities interviews which we minimum interview more than three celebrities per issue.

–          DG all around chapter, which we focus on travel destination and different hotels all over the world.

–          DG auto chapter, read about your favorite cars.

–          Business editorials, which we write about customer service, marketing and other business articles.

–          Top executive interviews with Egypt ‘s top business men.

–          The hottest topic of DG magazine is our Mystery Shopping chapter, in which we do the role of the mystery customer in all fields and gives our readers a very interesting topic to read.


The above are in addition to the topic of the month which is related to the month that the issue comes out to the readers as follow:


January & February issue:

New Year, valentine day and the best of the year annual festival by DG etc…

March & April issue:

Mother day and eastern etc…

May & June issue:

Summer activities etc…

July & August issue:

Summer activities

September & October issue:

Back to School and Ramadan etc…

November & December issue:

Christmas etc…