Who Said You Can’t Be Pregnant & Fashionable at the same time?

If you have just received the wonderful news that you’re pregnant, congratulations! I know how exciting it can be, I’ve been there myself. After the excitement about the news of being pregnant and the mixture of emotions that comes with it, and when your body starts changing, you start worrying about what to wear. Most pregnant women think pregnancy is about loose baggy clothes and Santa Clause pants. Well this is all wrong.

You don’t need to change your style just because you’re pregnant. Never before have there been more fashion options for pregnant woman, so have fun translating your signature style into belly-friendly looks. However, there are fundamentals to being pregnant and in style.

Don’t think you will need to buy a whole new wardrobe of maternity clothes. You may have to buy clothes only twice during your pregnancy: Once by the end of the first trimester when your belly starts to show, and again in the third trimester, when your belly grows bigger than you ever thought possible.

When you purchase by the end of the first trimester, you should buy your pre-pregnancy size in maternity clothes. If your pre-pregnancy size is say – medium, buy a maternity garment with size medium. How is that? Well, since your basic proportions remain the same, your size in well-made maternity garments will have extra room in the thighs, hips, upper arms, and bust, and will allow more length on hemlines, as tops and dresses will ride up as your belly expands. Bottoms should have generous elasticized waist panels or panel-free bellow-the-belly waistlines to accommodate your growing belly.

However, by the third trimester you might need to buy a size larger than your prepregnancy size.

Only buy the essentials
No matter what the season is there are pregnancy must haves:

  1. Denim: A great-fitting pair of jeans in a cut that you like will probably be the most important clothing purchase you make during pregnancy. For maximum wear, buy a darker wash that dresses up for work or play, day or night.
    Also having a maternity denim skirt can look great in winter with cowboy boots and trendy in summer with cute sandals or ballerina shoes.
  2. A Not-So-Little Black Dress: The little black dress is a pregnancy staple. Look for wrap dresses or empire waists in black that can be dressed up or down, depending on your shoes and accessories.
  3. Seasonal Tops: A black or dark grey turtleneck for fall and winter is a chic, slimming staple you won’t want to do without. In summer, a few quality T-shirts, colorful empire waist tops and twin-sets can keep you comfortable and greatly extend your wardrobe. Also chiffon ponchos can make a signature outfit for parties and dinners.
  4. Executive chic: For working women whose jobs require an executive look you will need only two suits, one black and one grey, along with a couple of solid colored and striped shirts to mix and match with both.
  5. Summer maternity fashion: Some may wonder about maternity clothes for beach season. Don’t worry, I spent my last trimester in summer and here is the deal;

First: You don’t need to buy more than two swim suits.

Second: A couple of empire waist beach dresses and swim suit cover ups.

Third: You need one summer skirt with a couple of matching tank tops.

Enjoy being pregnant and fashionable…