What Women Deserve

Women: How many times have you looked at the man in your life, shook your head, and wondered – Can he really be that insensitive/selfish/clueless? Well, wonder no more…

We’ve put together a succinct checklist especially for you to measure your requirements against, and truly obtain all the things every woman deserves from the man in her life. So, whilst the checklist is not a new concept it will unquestionably assist you in making sure you’re getting precisely what you ought to have…

  • His undivided attention when you require it. I’m talking mind/ body/soul, not “I’m listening honey”, and whilst watching his favorite teams play football on TV.
  • To compassionately endure the occasional good cry. Even if it happens for no particular reason. Yes – that means he acts as friend who, instead of asking how he can help, just shows up, shuts up and listens.
  • Compliments that are spoken out loud. Not just a sweet smile – we’re talking nonstop continuum of flattering remarks.
  • We are all human lie detectors; and women can sense when what is going on inside doesn’t match up with what someone is trying to portray on the outside. We don’t like and/or respect false fronts and fakeness. Instead, we are drawn to and respect people that are genuine, comfortable, and confident in their own skin. So quite the crap!
  • Individuals with viewpoints and opinions are people that THINK, people that have things to say. And people who voice a DIFFERING opinion are people with a backbone. All VERY attractive and highly regarded in the eyes of a woman.
  • A chivalrous balance of inspirational sincerity and ruthless white lies. Yes – I said white lies.
  • To boost your ego by firm devotion. To be number one on his list -You must come before anything.
  • Call it what you will – bashful, shy, being a doormat, etc. Women HATE it when their man allows ANYONE to overstep their boundaries. Your man does have boundaries, doesn’t he?
  • If you want my phone number, be a man and ask for it. Don’t pull that weenie-move of handing me your business card and anticipate me to make the first move.
  • Don’t wait a week to call. Women know you’re playing it cool and it irritates us.
  • Your picture uploaded on his facebook, and make him change his online profile status – from ‘in an open relationship’ to ‘married’.
  • To never, ever blame your mannerism on PMS. And to readily own up to his lack of demureness.
  • We have the ability to teach others how we want to be treated. If we tolerate abuse, ridicule or neglect, people will continue to treat you with disrespect. Snap out of it.
  • Lots of presents he knows you’ll adore, and then some – plus some more.
  • Encouragement at crucial times.
  • A call, not a sms when he’s away on a business trip.
  • If you happen to gain 15 pounds – diplomatic attitude and a tactful hint is sufficient. An in-your-face clash battle is unacceptable.
  • Instead of searching for possessions and achievements to make you happy, reflect on who you actually are and find genuine bliss.
  • Half of all the house-work. Not 60% – 40%.
  • For our man to always offer his coat on a chilly night. Yes, we know we should bring our own, but we don’t. Besides, there’s something outright fabulous about cuddling up in your big man jacket.
  • Women are attracted to movers and shakers… and repulsed by men who have no worthy ambition or drive to succeed.
  • We’ve said it before, but cannot say it enough! Taking time alone to refresh and rejuvenate is crucial to our well-being. So if we want to sit in the bathtub for 3 hours so-be-it..