It’s all about compromises

Isn’t it ironic how all the romantic novels we’ve read end happily ever after? If only real life were the same… As young children, we imagined the perfect scenario, similar if not identical to the fairy stories we’ve all grown to love. As a result, when we finally fell in love and got married, the majority of us made idealistic assumptions regarding our partners. Oh, it would have been great if we could pick the precise size, shape and personality of our significant other, making certain they shared all our interests, satisfied all our needs and had an ultimate aim of gaining out approval…

Well, unfortunately we can’t – but we can ‘COMPROMISE’. Compromise isn’t such as scary word, just as long as both persons concerned distinguish what it means. It’s about teaching yourself to adjust. Learning to accept one another – just the way we are. It’s about maintaining a flexible balance in order to attain your goals, and lowering your expectations to avoid disappointment. It’s about taking a deep breath, as opposed to saying something hurtful, you’ll regret saying later. Basically – it’s all about using civilized methods to reach an agreement…

Significant other;

One of the most arduous challenges in this particular relationship is dealing with difference of opinion. Just because you have conflicting ideas, it doesn’t mean that one has to be right and the other wrong, it just means you have different views about some issues, so aim to be tolerant to avoid conflict…

Tip 1: Talk about why each of you wants it a specific way. Maybe you’ll realize the importance of the other person’s logic. Communication is the key in any relationship. If you can identify with THE WHY, it should help you to come closer, to working through the state of affairs.

Tip 2:
First, positive thoughts are important. Aim to work this situation through, without arguing in an impolite manner. Make a rule, “no loud voices”.

Tip 3:
Focus on the desired outcome from both parties involved.

Work colleagues;

When people work together in groups, there are bound to be occasions when individuals disagree and conflicts arise in the workplace. Whether these disagreements become full-blown feuds, or instead fuel, intended for creative problem solving is up to the person in charge.

Tip 1:
Identify the problem. Make sure everyone involved knows exactly what the issue is, and why they are arguing. Talk it out until everyone agrees that there is a problem, and understands what the key issues are.

Tip 2:
Allow every person involved to clarify his or her perspectives and opinions about the problem. Make sure everyone has an opportunity to express an opinion. If necessary, establish a time limit, and make sure each person sticks to the limit while stating his or her case. It is your responsibility to make sure all participants feel protected and supported.

Tip 3:
Finally, old-fashioned courtesy can bring a sense of peace and harmony to an otherwise stressful workplace.


Our adolescents are seldom disrespectful without a reason, but when they feel unwanted or misunderstood, being prepared and finding the middle ground is priceless:

Tip 1: Kids need to be shown love and affection on a daily basis. A simple hug, a kind word and positive reinforcement are essential to show value and appreciation and increase the teen’s feeling of security and self-worth.

Tip 2: Always initiate with praise when you have to be corrective and, where possible, don’t criticize at all, simply verify every desired or acceptable thing they do. ALWAYS try to compromise with the child’s need and not just insist on your own. It shows respect for their feelings and aspirations and teaches them to respect yours too.

Tip 3: Parents teach their children not only through what they say, but most importantly, through what they DO. Children will pick up inappropriate and ambiguous behavior when they have been set the wrong examples. The best suggestion in this instance is to behave in a manner which you wish your teen to adopt.


“A friend in need is a friend indeed”, this is an ancient proverb but definitely effective! There are countless people who consider friendship as the most valuable gift of god. Nobody wants to ruin a friendship at any cost and therefore, it is better to understand and learn how to keep a friendship forever:

Tip 1: Money matters; there are plenty of examples of ruining friendships solely because of money. You should be wholehearted on keeping the money issue as clear as possible.

Tip 2
: Never allow a common acquaintance come between you and your friend!

Tip 3
: Always be there! When your pal is in need, just stand there and try your best to help.