Arabian Cinema Awards “ACA”



After a huge success in its first year, ACA is back for its second year. The ACA Academy is about to start voting to choose the best in the cinema industry for the year 2016.

The voting process will start by nominating the best five in each category which leads to the ACA nominees short list.

Cinema fans around the Arab world are about to devote their attention to watch the AC Awards 2016. The glam, the stars & the awards given to the most outstanding filmmakers & performances of the Arab filmmaking industry in 25 categories to industry ,individuals or collaborations, in addition to 3 honorary awards including the live time achievement award given by the judges committee ( Hypothetical Academy).

What’s AC Awards?

ACA was established by Dear Guest Co., with the aim of honouring Arab talents in all aspects of filmmaking industry.

ACA rewards 2015 outstanding filmmakers through a voting system by ACA members only; membership is limited to filmmakers in the Arab world.

The ACA members will vote for the ACA public Awards using a ready-made questionnaire.

Nominations’ process & rules:

Nomination ballots are mailed to the academy’s active members, completed ballots should be mailed back within 5 weeks of receipt.
Awards are to be given to outstanding individual or collaborative film achievements in 25 different categories.
Members of each specialization within the industry vote to determine nominees in their respective categories.
All voting members are eligible to select the Best Picture nominees.
The results of voting are to be announced in a press conference in Cairo.
Final Voting Process:

After final complete ballots are documented, only 2 members of Dear Guest Co. & ACA are required to know the results prior to awards announcement onstage.
Votes are mailed to balloting members five weeks prior to ACA Awarding night.
Who represents ACA?
Academy membership is limited to individuals who are directly involved in the filmmaking industry.

How to become a member?

ACA membership is either by nomination or application. Candidates must be nominated by another 2 academy members from the respective category the candidate wishes to join or by filling an online form to be reviewed & approved by Dear Guest Co.
Membership requests are reviewed once a year on December 15th.
ACA rules & regulations for membership nominations:
Nominating a candidate to join the ACA is a serious commitment, members should be confident with the added values of their nominations & that the candidate has demonstrated serious achievement in the Arab filmmaking industry.

A member can only nominate one candidate per cycle.
Candidates must be nominated by members of the same category, they wish to join.
Associate Members:
Associate memberships are available for those who have worked on related filmmaking projects.
Associates may only vote for associates & best film category.

ACA Categories:

Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress
Animated Film
Costume Design
Documentary Feature
Arabic Film ” not displayed in the Egyptian Cinema’s”
Original Music Score
Decor Design
Sound Editing
Sound Mixing
Visual Effects
Documentary Short Film
Actor “Non Egyptian”
Actress “Non Egyptian”