If you are not different, then you are weird

Is different good? Or should you just go with the flow? How can someone identify his unique spots if he doesn’t identify the word different to begin with? And how different should one be? Is there a specific level, or perhaps the question ought to be modified – how different can one be?

This year, 2011 is amazing! It proves nothing but the theory of change. If you happen to decide on staying in your own cocoon – Oh well, your loss! One less butterfly in the air!

There is a stage in life where you literally can’t stop to comprehend, you just don’t have time! It is too fast to a point that changes are on a rapid base, one after the other. Starting by us individuals to the world around us… this is it! People are talking, writing and streaming online.

It’s too fast to a scary point! We used to look forward to tomorrow, but tomorrow becomes yesterday right while we are talking about it. I got dragged in running, everyone is! Running became the new walking… we run to work, we run to wake up, we run with power naps, we run and run in our thoughts. And then others decided they are too tired, so they will walk! They gave up on face book, they stood still with their beliefs not ready to embrace the change around them, and here they are … walking slowly became the new standing still!

I am trying to jog! Jog my way through the changes in the world, and the fact that we assigned ourselves judges to it! Why does embracing changes include judgments? Why is it that all of a sudden people are labeled with religions, background and even sexual beliefs! This is too hectic for the mind to understand and absorb! And completely not worth it as well!

I can’t help but wonder! Why is it we choose to make life harder for us? Boundaries of thoughts were set to a point that if one doesn’t belong to a certain category of thinking and identifying himself as (different), then instantly the judgment mode is switched on to declaring he is (weird).

If I decide to talk about the revolution, even though I never went to Tahrir Square then I am going with the flow, and If I decide I don’t want to know anything but that my family back home is safe, then I am declared weird.

“Ma32oola ya benty, el 3alem 2ayem wenty mesh 3arfa eh ely bey7sal? Khosheelek keda 3ala twitter wala efta7leek el facebook we tab3y ya benty tab3y?!” 

If I get into a conversation and I declare that I am against homosexuality, I am instantly judged as weird! Either weird because I even dared to talk about the subject (as it is a big NO back home), or I am weird because I am closed minded and not able to embrace the freedom of speech of certain individuals who found their… blah blah blah… So on so forth…

I am weird because I dreamt! I dreamt of a better tomorrow where I will be happy visiting the world knowing a certain standard is set, and people are finally living not only surviving! I am weird because I loved the Egyptian revolution and decided to declare my confusion if I ever had any, decided to not stop talking about it and not let go of my dream that we actually made something! “Sara2o menena far7etna lama bawazo 3aleina sawretna!”

I am weird because I am making no sense! Since when did words make sense in a crazy world like this? When lies are transferred in a (hash tag) and news are transferred through (you tube channels)?

Words are designed to express, who said expression has to describe sanity? Can’t we for a change identify something that doesn’t make sense? But then again, who will answer someone weird? Or should I say – different…