Criticism and parallel administration

Written by: Maged Hosny

Criticism and parallel administration

Inside the sporting clubs in Egypt there are a lot of wrong concepts that control the relationship between the club members and the club administration.
For instance the clubs’ administrations are so sensitive when it comes to criticizing comments on social media, and on the other hand the club members might mix up between criticizing and insulting, between their rights and the parallel administration.
Any organization should know by now that the citizens’ reactions are completely different after 2011. And they should accept this change and act accordingly, otherwise they should apologize from the task entrusted to them. Also the club members should rectify the concepts of criticism and how to address any problem inside their club.

For example;

– Accusing an administration without evidence is not criticism but called accusation and mudslinging.

– To ask someone to accept insults and offenses as part of criticism is not correct by all means.

– To impose certain way of managing on the administration is not criticism but parallel administration.

Laws and regulations give the general assembly the right to monitor the administration , refuse the budget ,overthrow the whole board and ask for re-election .

Constitution gives us the right of freedom of speech but not tossing and insulting. Trying to understand the right concepts of rights and duties will make life easier for all parties. People need to work more than talk in all fields not only in sports field in order to achieve the success in every possible way.