Beauty Vs. Brains

They say; “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”… and it’s a fact – we live in a world where image is everything. In today’s world, the packing is seemingly more important than the content. I mean, think about it – the cover of the book is more important than the book itself, and the cast of the movie attracts the audiences to theaters more than the actual plot . Our society is exceedingly inundated with media images and verbal expressions relating to BEAUTY and less talk about INTELLIGENCE. The message of our culture is simple, and to many people, appearance reigns over all else. Just like when you meet an individual, the very first thing that you notice is the way they look. It’s a natural instinct, and more often than not, a person’s talent is ignored just because he/she happens to look … well, plain!!! In this issues debate, we want to hear your opinion, and you be the judge… Is it good looks or high I.Q.?

Sandra Shahin; Copenhagen – DENMARK

I will be the first to admit – I too have judged people because of their looks. As mentioned, it is a FACT that your looks more than often places you in categories – such as beautiful, ugly, plain, geek and so on. However, do yourself a favor. Once in a while, when meeting the people that you so quickly judge – take a minute to talk to them- get a feeling of them, not just a view. There might actually be a connection between the two of you. You might click in different ways that could be surprisingly positive. You might open the opportunity to meet a new friend. Whether the attraction is; as a lover, business partner, because of mutual views, feelings or perspectives in life. Look within yourself – find out what you essentially want and need to be in your life. Do you just want beautiful / good looking people – or can you accept the fact that they look so-called “plain”, but actually have the ability to enrich your life with something positive? Personally, I have come to the conclusion that I want to feel enriched in different ways by these different looking people in my life. Some more beautiful than others – some cleverer than others… A few that I am regularly in contact with, and some that I am not. Ultimately, all of these people have given me and still give me different experiences – good and bad, teach me lessons in life, affect me emotionally, empower me to take different actions, contradict and support me when I need. So, what do I think? Good looks or high I.Q…? I think that we should allow ourselves to look within each other – and sense what we contain internally in this otherwise superficial world. Let’s judge by content and not by looks – if we have to judge at all.

Chelsea Banks; 21, Event Coordinator, Brisbane – AUSTRALIA

I used to get frustrated when people called me an airhead just because I’m talkative, friendly and blonde. But now, I use it to get my foot in almost any door. Sex appeal is something unique to women, and I admire those who are proud of it and confident enough to flaunt it. I know I’m still young – but I’m infatuated with the discovery that I can use my looks to reel in any man for my individual benefit.

Hoda El Meligy; Cairo – EGYPT

As far as I am concerned, the first thing that attracts me is beauty. If a person is not good-looking, I am not going to have any kind of conversation, and frankly speaking – I am not the only one doing this, many human beings do. People will always try to limit your words if they don’t find the beauty they want.

Unfortunately, our society is obsessed with beauty and gives a reduced amount of importance to intelligence. But as for me, I do believe intelligence is more important than beauty. When I am going to choose a husband I will choose intelligence, since beauty won’t assist me in achieving my goals. I need brains which will support any rules and answers for any issues I have. If I have a big problem, I will definitely need an intelligent person with me to support me and to lead me the right way. But a beautiful person, I mean – to what extent can he help me to solve my problems? I do not say that beauty is unwanted, but maybe it’s less important than intelligence. In other words, beauty can be present in this intelligent person but maybe less than expected in a beautiful person. He should be fine or acceptable but not very handsome to the extent of making me completely blind in my life. In what way will beauty serve me? These kinds of people are called “himbo” (a male “bibmo”), who usually get obsessed only with beauty and are extremely unintelligent. Maybe the first thing I used to look for was beauty – but eventually, I realized that it didn’t assist me in any way. This beautiful person was only concerned about good looks and appearance. Good looks may trigger vanity and selfishness. Even if it’s viewed as a good quality, I guess for the partner it’s a bad quality. Beauty does not help to solve any problem faced in real life. The real good quality is to be able to have the courage and think of a method to solve issues faced in our society. I will definitely choose the person with a high I.Q, maybe he will not have the beauty – but his brain will be the real beauty that I want. But at the same time, I don’t want my intelligent partner to be ugly or awful – just acceptable.

Lucille Bates; 37, Executive Editor, Accra – GHANA


Life was an uphill battle for my parents because my mother had only completed eighth grade and my father only completed sixth grade. Consequently, they always pushed my brother and I to do our very best in school. Because of this, I’ve always believed you should be respected for what you know – NEVER what you look like. Before I met my husband I had gone out with him on a couple of dates, I vividly recall that we spoke for hours and connected almost immediately… At that moment I’d never felt more sexy.

Stephanie Hills; 30, Graphic Designer, Chicago – USA


I hate the idea of a woman wanting to be something she isn’t. And since I’m not the touchy-feely type and have a dry sense of humor, I’ve never wanted to be – or consider myself – typically sexy. My husband told me that my intelligence is what truly captivated him and I take pride in this statement knowing that I was right and thinking straight when I took the initiative to never hide behind revealing clothing or flirtatiousness. Actually he’s quite the looker – so I’m assuming I’m the only female who didn’t turn into a complete ditz the moment he walked through the door.

Zoe Petrohilos; 32, Gynecologist, Sydney – AUSTRALIA


Brains, definitely brains… You can buy beauty, or be in great physical shape with the right make up which would swindle the eye. Unfortunately, good looks fades, then, you’re left with nothing. Exceptional beauty is even worse. Imagine going through most of your life with people bending over backwards to help you – you’d never need to develop self reliance, certain qualities or even pursue an education etc, and then one day you turn 40, or 50 or whatever and all of a sudden, no one cares anymore. Of course, that’s a worst case scenario. However, even so, if you are even moderately pretty, like everything else about you (height, weight, brainpower, etc) becomes part of your identity- and it’s the only thing that isn’t permanent. You’ve always acknowledged yourself as (whatever – fill in the blanks) the smart pretty girl, or the attractive girl, and one day, you’re no longer the good-looking girl. Hopefully you were the smart/ pretty girl so you can still be the smart girl. Of course, you could always get Alzheimer’s and then my friend you’re stuck upstream without a paddle – now that’s got to suck…