Electrolux Group participates in the National Day of Sweden to celebrate historic ties with Egypt

Cairo, Egypt – 8 Jun, 2023: Electrolux Group, the world leader in the production and manufacture of electrical appliances, participated in the celebration of the National Day of Sweden, which was held at the Swedish Embassy in Egypt with the special participation of Rania Al-Mashat. Minister of International Cooperation. Electrolux Group has also reviewed, through a dedicated pavilion, its inspiring journey in the Household Appliances industry and its history of innovations and achievements.
This year’s celebration came under the title of; “Sweden 500”, which occurred on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Gustav Vasa’s election as Sweden’s king. Not to mention that during “Sweden 500, Vasa’s outstanding contributions to laying the foundation for Sweden as an independent nation was also commemorated.
To further explicate, Electrolux Group’s participation in this important event stemmed from the fact that Electrolux Group is one of the major companies operating in Sweden, coupled with the fact that it has a deep-rooted experience in making high-quality devices that meet the requirements of its customers around the world. All of these aforementioned facts have enabled the Group to be positioned at the forefront of the Household Appliances market in Egypt.

The Swedish Ambassador in Egypt, Mr. Håkan Emsgård said that Sweden is very proud of the role that Swedish company Electrolux plays in Egypt. He said” Electrolux has established a strong presence in Egypt and continues to play a significant role in supporting the country’s economy. With a wide range of high-quality appliances, Electrolux has not only provided Egyptian consumers with Swedish reliable and innovative products but has also created numerous job opportunities in the local market and exporting to international market through its production line in Egypt”
Furthermore, the ambassador highlighted that Electrolux is also playing a good role in supporting the Swedish values through its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives which has had a positive impact on the local community, promoting environmental stewardship and social welfare. Electrolux’s investments in Egypt have undoubtedly played a vital role in driving economic development, enhancing living standards, and fostering a sustainable future.”

Commenting on the occasion, Maysam El Hennawy, CEO of Electrolux Group Egypt, expressed his great pride in participating in Sweden’s celebration of its national day, he has also highlighted his admiration for the industrial renaissance taking place in Sweden and the strength of the relations between Egypt and Sweden.
He stated: “As a Swedish company operating in the Egyptian market, our business environment in Egypt has helped us significantly grow, flourish, and expand, as Egypt comprises an inviting climate that encourages investment, in addition to being one of the promising markets that hinge on its historical and strategic importance in the region.”
Additionally, El Hennawy stressed that Electrolux Group, since the beginning of its operation in the Egyptian market, has been keen on supporting the industrial sector in Egypt, in addition to taking clear and steady steps towards transforming the country into an export base for North Africa and Europe.
He has also mentioned that the Group’s robust strategy encompasses the intention of implementing UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), supporting the localization of the industry, and hence upholding Egypt’s Vision 2030. He concluded his words by explaining that the Group will continue its efforts and investments in Egypt, reinforced by the latest technological innovations, in order to meet the needs of its consumers with the highest standards of quality and safety.
It is worth noting that Electrolux Group began its investments in Egypt in 2011, and that happened by acquiring the Egyptian Olympic Group; the largest home appliance manufacturer in the Middle East. Then, its investments expanded through new factories and production lines, till it constituted the largest foreign investment in the electrical appliances sector in Egypt. Currently, Electrolux Group proudly sells its products in more than 27 countries around the world.