And the MEMA goes to…

Tamer Hosny & Angham made it again

Again Tamer Hosny made it and won best singer and best album at the MEMA. Tamers’ fans were eagerly waiting for this news.

Angham has always been different and unique in all her choices not only her super gifted voice put her among the best female singers in the middle east but also her smart choices. She won best female singer at the MEMA.

As every year the MEMA was keen to encourage the youth singers. Hanan Khedr, Aly El Faisal, and Rafael Jabour were the three chosen names for the Encouragement awards for this year.

Mohamed Abbas and Haidy Moussa are the best rising singers for this year at the MEMA .
Youth singers are the hope and future, the MEMA knows it and support all the new and youth singers. And this year Carmen Soliman and Nassef Zaitoun won best youth singers.

The Full List of the MEMA’s winners:

  • Legend Appreciation Award
    Hany Shaker (A very special award on the occasion of the MEMA’s anniversary)
  • MEMA Talent Awards
    Walid Saad
  • MEMA Honor Awards
    Hany Shenouda
    Nadia Mostafa
    Amr Mostafa
  • MEMA Encouragement Awards
    Hanan Khedr
    Ali Al Faisal
    Rafaiel Jabour
  • MEMA Best Singer
    Tamer Hosny
  • MEMA Best Female Singer
  • MEMA Best Youth Singer
    Nassef Zeytoun
  • MEMA Best Female Youth Singer
    Carmen Soliman
  • MEMA Best Rising Singer
    Mohamed Abbas
  • MEMA Best Female Rising Singer
    Haidy Mousa
  • MEMA Best Composer
    Mohamed Yehia
  • MEMA Best Music Arranger
  • MEMA Best Poet
    Amir Teama
  • MEMA Best Production
  • MEMA Best Clip
    Mabalash “Mohamed Hamaki”
  • MEMA Best Clip Director
    Lulian Moga
  • MEMA Best Song
    Maktouba Lik “Elissa”
  • MEMA Best Song in a Movie
    Bahebak ya Sahbi “Ahmed Saad”
  • MEMA Best Album
    Omri Ebtada “Tamer Hosny”
  • MEMA Best Band
  • MEMA Best Single
    Kol Ma Aghani “Hossam & Sherine”
  • MEMA Best Duetto
    Law Kan Bekhatri “Amal Maher & Rashed El Majid”
  • MEMA Best DJ
    Khaled Hussein
  • MEMA Best Sound Engineer
    Yasser Anwar
  • MEMA Best Oriental Singer
    Mahmoud El Liethy
  • MEMA Best Female Oriental Singer
  • MEMA Best Artist Manager
    Yasser Khalil
  • MEMA Best Event Organizer
    Walid Mansour
  • MEMA Best Light Designer
    Walid El Hariri
  • MEMA Best Music Radio Channel
    El Radio 9090
  • MEMA Best Music TV Channel