Another memorable annual premiere

Dear Guest returns for its 19th year with yet another memorable annual premiere and major award ceremony. Most people recall the night of December 16th at the gorgeous Dusit Thani Lake View Hotel, located in the fifth settlement of the New Cairo District. The DG awards are handed to the most outstanding and deserved achievements within diverse categories. These award winners are selected through our online surveys, regularly held from September to December of each year. Which are solely conducted to evaluate and determine the deserving actors, directors, producers, writers, and the best in the industry, all of whom are looking forward to Egypt’s finest Award-winning night, which will be hosted at one of Egypt’s top settings.


The stakes were high for the 19th edition of the DG award ceremony’s night, which was all about distinction and recognizing the year’s most prominent and thriving accomplishments. It was an inspiring night of jaw-dropping elegance and magnificent couture. For nearly two decades, the festival has been viewed as a portal to the wonders of cinema where everyone leaves with a newfound respect for one another’s achievements.


The event was hosted by the lovely Poussy Shalaby, as is customary. The evening began with a moving montage of all the artists who parted us in 2022. The Memories 2022 film was a lovely tribute to those who have passed but will never be forgotten.


Another documentary was created to commemorate the late veteran Egyptian and Al-Ahram journalist Ibrahim Hegazi, who received the DG’s Journalist Honor Award. His son was present to accept it on his behalf and expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the video.


Ahmed Abdelaziz was honored with a Life Achievement Award in recognition of his thirty years of acting and 250 works of art.


Career Appreciation Award was won by Ehab Tawfeek. Who captivated the audience by performing “Leeky Andy” and bringing Mohamed Osama up to the stage to perform a snippet of their upcoming song, which will be released in 2023.


Dear Guest Appreciation Awards were presented to “Al Ekhteyar” series, handed to the producer and director Fathy Ismail and Dr. Peter Mina, as well as Mostafa Kamel for his initiative to prevent minors from cursing, Tamer Fawzy for Best Stage Design Award, Lastly, to the opulent Dusit Thani Lake View Hotel, handed to Hisham Abdel Ghafar,


DearGuest Excellence Awards were distributed in alphabetical order at the behest of DG Chairman Maged Hosny to emphasize that everyone is of equal significance and importance.

Women rights activist and actress Elham Shahin was awarded for her role “Betlo’ El-Roh”, Ahmed Dawood for his role in “Suits”, Iten Amer for her role in “Maktoob A’alayyaa”, Basem Samra for his role in “Mon’ataf Khatar”, Hamada Helal for his role in “Al Maddah”, Hanan Metawea for her role in “Wegooh Series”, Khaled Sarhan for his role in “Al Maddah”, Dorra Zarrouk for her role in “Al Motahama”, Diab for his role in “Al Motahama”, Rogena for her role in “Enheraf”, Reem mostafa for her role in “The Eight”, Sherif Mounir for his role in “egar adeem”, Abeer Sabry for her role in “U Turn”, Mohamed Alaa for his role in “mon3ataf khatar”, Mohamed Farag for his role in “Room 207” & “El Aedoon”, Amr youssef for his role in “Waad Eblis series”, Mahmoud Abdel Moghny for his role in “Wegooh series”, Hala Sedki for her role in “Faten Amal Harbi series”, Hana shiha for her role in “Ragaein ya Hawa”, Aisha Ben Ahmed for her role in “Al Nazwa Series” and finally Gamal El Adl for his role in drama production.


Our Dear Guest Best Comedian Actor Award very deservingly went to none other, but Ahmed Helmy for the millionth time. The best actress award went to Nelly Karim, who celebrated her birthday with DearGuest at the Festival. Both Karim Abd El Aziz and Ahmed Ezz, stars of “Kira w El Gen,” received Best Actor Award. Amr Saad was also named Best Actor on television.


Dear Guest Voting Awards for television were presented to the entertaining Akram Hosny, who was named the best comedic actor on television. Dear Guests, best actress Riham Abdel Ghafour won the “Best Acting Performance on Platforms” award.


This year’s Best Rising Actress Award goes to the beautiful Hagar El Serag. With the uprising sensation, Nour El Nabawi whom received the exact award but in the male category.


Salma Abo Deif and Hana El Zahed, Egyptian actresses, and rising stars have been voted Best Youth Actresses on television. Best director was awarded to Hussein El Menbawy. Abdel Rahim Kamal was voted Best scenarist.


The movie “Kira w El Gen” has won the Best Film Award, and “Rivo” won Best Series Award on a platform.


Best Talk Show and Best Tv presenter was awarded to the one and only Amr Adib. The leading couple holds a substantial magnitude within the media.  Lamis Elhadidy was also rated the best female presenter.


Esaad Younes, hostess of the most popular show “Sahibat Al Saadah,” was named DearGuest Best Tv Social Program Presenter and Best Tv Program Award. “Ragel w 2 setat” got Best Tv Entertaining Program Award received by Sherihan and Heidy Karam.


Fady Ibrahim was awarded Best Radio Announcer, whilst Passant Bakr was named Best Female Radio Announcer.


Moving on to the Sports Section of Television, DG ensures that the greatest sports media is recognized. Seif Zaher won the most votes in the Best Sports Presenter category. For the third year in a row, Hazem Emam was rated the Best Sports Radio Announcer. Ahmed Sayed Zizo, an Egyptian professional footballer who plays as a winger for Egyptian Premier League side Zamalek as well as the Egypt national team, won Best Football Player Award. Stad Masr received the award for Best Tv Sports Program.


DearGuest appreciates musicians and good music as well. DG awarded the talented Mahmoud El Leithy the earned title for “ Best Shaabi voice”. Mohamed Osama, a 12-year-old Egyptian singer on the rise, was awarded Best Single Song for “El Ghazala Ray2a” in recognition of it’s soaring views and popularity throughout Egypt. Ahmed Gamal received the Best Youth Voice Award, while Zeinab Hassan received the Best Rising Voice Award.


According to the survey results, DG recognizes a number of companies with Business Awards, News, TV channels, websites, and Programs. The winners of this year’s noteworthy awards are listed below.


DMC “Best Radio Channel”

On Drama “Best Series Channel”

On Time Sport “Best Sports Channel”

Radio 9090 “Best Radio Channel”

Cairo24 “Press Award”


BY: Mireille Ramy