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Dear Guest Awards 2017

The premiere edition of the 2017 DearGuest Awards held at “Dusit Thani Lake View Hotel”, located in the fifth settlement of the New Cairo District witnessed an enthralling showcase of entertainment.

Raising Boys vs. Raising Girls

Is there a difference between raising boys and raising girls, or is it basically the way society expects them to behave? Do we put demands on boys to conceal their feelings and be “tough”? If left to their own diplomacy, would boys be…

ACAwards Winners

The ACA is an up and coming annual Arab award ceremony owned and hosted by DearGuest Magazine to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements within the film industry as assessed by the Academy's voting members. This year there were 20…

Beauty Vs Brains

They say; “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”… and it’s a fact - we live in a world where image is everything. In today’s world, the packing is seemingly more important than the content.